04 November 2009


See that design? I will soon have that on a shirt. Thanks to the awesome Threadless T-Shirt store. only $AU20 and free shipping from America. YAY!

I've also purchased, The 3 season of the Original Star Trek series, and a Star Trek graphic novel that is the prequel to the new movie (which I didn't even know about until yesterday so I went out and ordered it) But now I'm broke.

I've found a Australian site that has the Umbrella Academy action figures for sale. I'm hoping that they are still available next pay day because I want them.... at least I think I do. I need to stop spending money on useless stuff =(

But saying that, I need to go into Angus and Robertson and order some manga, so I can get up to date. I still have a few series to finish.

I downloaded the new Within Temptations single Utopia. I'm not a huge fan of Within Temptation, but the song is really beautiful.

Grrrr.... just found the music video for The Used's Blood On My Hands on iTunes and I just hit buy. bub--bye another $3.39. NOW I'M STOPPING! I had to ask mum to transfer $50 into my account because I have too much money coming out (Star Trek DVDs and books, and Gym membership) but still.... THE USED!

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