16 November 2009

Marvelous Monday

Soon, this little beauty will be mine. not all mine, I'm going halfsies with my little sister, but it's still going to be awesome. We get the Canon EOS 450D a 18-55mm lens, a 80-250 mm lens, a flash and a bag to put it in, all for under $2000.

Now I need to get over my fear of thinking that people think that I'm a tool for walking around town with a camera. did you get that? I didn't =D
I want to take photos. I just don't think I'm that good. But that's what practice is for.
I don't know how long this sharing of the camera will go. My sister is always at her boyfriends on the weekends, and i think it won't be long until we start to argue about it. But considering she is putting a little bit more money in than me, she has a bigger share.
Only because I can't save money to save my life.

Now for some images. I'm sorry if I post some I already have. actually if I do it means I really like the photo.

Also, today I got my hands on a copy of the October 2009 Q magazine. the marvelous Matt Bellamy (Muse) is on the cover... LOOKING HOT may I add. Don't believe me??? See for yourself =D

As well as gracing the cover, there are also numerous photos of Muse scattered throughout the mag.... but not for long... Soon, with help from a pair of scissors and some blutac these images will be gracing my walls. =D Can you imagine? surrounded in Muse hot-ness!!!

Before I go, one last thing.

November 19th


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