11 November 2009

"this too shall pass"

 On Friday there will be 7 weeks left of 2009.
Like 2008 this year was full of ups and downs, but this year so far has been one of the best, but also the worst. Lost friendships are always hard, especially when they were as full of anger, spite and jealousy as mine. But no matter what you say about me, and my family, deep down in my heart I still LOVE you.
2010 will start without you. And I honestly hope it will end without you. Even though I still love you a little, I don't want or need you. I can't forgive you for what you said about my family. You think we're the bad guys, but you know deep down in your heart you're wrong.

you are a thousand times more EPIC/BRILLIANT/TALENTED/SPLENDID/FABULOUS than you know.

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  1. can't believe there will soon only be 7 weeks left of 2009! This year has gone by way to fast.. fingers crossed for better times next year!

    ps. found you on 20sb