04 December 2009

4/365 + others

Instead of posting several different posts today I'm going to post one big post.

First off....
iPhone photo, my shoes, taken while waiting for dad to get home with the house keys.

Now more some pictures... this time not taken by me

Last night I watched RESERVOIR DOGS for the first time. The only reason I watched it because it has Tim Roth in it. What did I think about it? It was freaking AWESOME.

if you haven't seen Reservoir Dogs, but want too, I suggest you STOP reading. in other words...

Tim Roth plays Mr. Orange (see poster above) and he's definitely the best thing about that movie (even though I'm slightly biased). The movie practically revolves around Mr Orange. They're criminals, teamed together for a jewelery heist, but it all goes wrong. Mr Blue & Mr Brown get killed and Mr Orange is shot and seriously injured. Mr White (Harvey Keitel) takes Mr Orange back to the warehouse. This is where you see Tim Roths acting ability. If you can roll around the ground, screaming in pain in a high pitch voice dying, and the audience (being me) is not laughing or fast forwarding (due to pure embarrassment) you must be a good actor... (but again I think I'm slightly biased). Okay then Mr Pink (Steve Buscemi) shows up and is going on about how they were set up. Then Mr Blonde (Micheal Madsen) shows up, then something happens (sorry I didn't pay much attention because I was worried about Mr Orange who is dying on the floor in the middle of the warehouse) Mr Blonde has taken a cop hostage and they tie him up. Then for some reason Mr White and Mr Pink leave and Mr Blonde tortures the cop. (cue one of the most recognizable scenes in cinema history, even I knew of it and I'd never seen the movie). So Mr Blonde is about to set the cop on fire and gunshots are fired and his killed.... but who fired the shots? it was Mr Orange. and Mr Orange is a COP! (so didn't see that coming) then there are some flashbacks etc.... then the DVD starts jumping and I missed the last 2 scenes.... except for the last 2 seconds where Mr White has a gun in Mr Orange's mouth and is surrounded by cops, then the camera pans upwards there's a gun shot, and then the police open fire. =( so Mr Orange dies.... well as far as I know they all die, but I'm going to watch the rest of the movie tonight (because I went into Sanity and found it, brand new, 2 disc on DVD for $9.99)

May I add one thing. I mentioned in an earlier post how I preferred old Roth over young Roth, well I lied.... they're both as sexy as each other. =D I apologize to any reader who thinks that I'm a weirdo, but all I can say is, if you don't likes it, Bub-bye =D

After I watched Reservoir Dogs, I tried to watch Funny Games (the English version with Tim Roth) but it was so strange and I just couldn't get into it. I might give it another try later.

This just in.
Karl Urban is playing a "warrior-priest turned vampire" in Priest.
There's fight scenes, nudity & karl urban with FANGS. *swoon*
check out this interview

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