05 December 2009

5/365 + Babies + Rants

One of the baby quails died last night. =( he was the same one that almost drowned the first night and was found outside the cage the night after, both times he had to be saved using a hair dryer. But this time we weren't there with the hair dryer to save him. =(

Now we have 7 baby Quails. And here are some photos...

This is Butterball, the only one with a name so far, because he's the only one that we can tell apart. Because he's a lighter colour to the others.



I'm very proud of myself for still doing this. =D the last couple of times I've tried this I haven't got past day 4.

McCoy action figure... so in other words... A KARL URBAN ACTION FIGURE!
I got this one for my birthday from Rachie.
I already had one, it's still in it's package, on display with my other unopened action figures (read: NERD) so I decided to open this one and put it on my shelf in front of... what is that? a SIGNED photo of Karl Urban? that's right bitches =P *girly squee*

about postage from the US.
$US145 POSTAGE for the Art of Tim Burton book! $145!!! and thats just the postage!!! the book is $US60 (which is acceptable for what you get) BUT NOT WITH $145 FUCKING POSTAGE!!!
What is with that?
I wrote a very heated email to the company. Then at the end asked nicely if the book would be available in Australia in the future.
No Reply yet. It is Saturday after all.

Now some images to make me feel better. I know how much you love them =D

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