26 December 2009

Christmas Loot

christmas loot
The loot. Staedtler Pens, in lots of pretty colours (from mum) Coraline on Blu-ray (from mum) a super awesome Batman tee (from my Secret Santa.... who ended up being my sister Alex) Little batman figure (also from Alex) a Death (family guy) figure from Kaitlin and Absolut Vodka Rock Edition (from me =D) not shown is the box of yummies (because there isn't any left) and Razorblade Necklace from Alex.... because it's worth it's own photo.
razorblade necklace
It was good Christmas. Now I can't wait to start the new year (and new decade) I think it maybe time to recreate myself =D

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.
And don't get to drunk on New Years Eve =P
Love you all.

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