14 December 2009

Rambles about Xmas

the blog I posted to ourbedroom has gone crazy. over 30 comments so far =D
I love comments.

Monday, the start of another week.
Just over a week until Christmas. I still have a few more Xmas gifts to buy, and I need to send out my cards. I don't think the cards going to America will get there before Christmas. =(
I plan to do all my shopping tomorrow. I'm going to battle the crazy traffic and crazy people.
I'm so glad out family decided on Secret Santas. It means I only have to buy one present for my extended family. Which I've done already =D YAY

downloaded (and watched) the first episode of season 2 of Lie To Me yesterday. I love Tim Roth. In this episode he had to get violent and pretend to be a bastard to get a girls other personality to come out =D mmmm... sexy angry evil ROTH. *swoons*
(i do not condone violence against women, or violence against anyone)

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