17 December 2009

Things I Love Thursday

I'm a nice person... here's why...
almost scored myself a free $300 voucher is Sports Power due to someones stupidity. they put it in the return chute at work. but being the nice person I am (and the fact there was only 2 different customers movies in the basket) i rang them both. and found the owner. you know what pisses me off. no thank you or nothing. what a wanker. I could of taken it and he would of been down $300. i need some stuff from sports power. but knowing me id go into sports power and they'd someway know. but i would of left it until after Christmas and pretend that i'd got it. idiot. i can't believe he didn't say thank you.
Sims 3 World Adventures. I love love love exploring the tombs and collecting relics =D

1 week until Christmas.

My friend Tahlia got me pretty earrings from Nepal. How exciting is that? Earrings, from Nepal! =D

Max and anything to do with Where The Wild Things Are.

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