31 December 2009

Things I Love Thursday

This is it, the last day of the year, and the last "Things I Love Thursday" for 2009. It's been an awesome year, full of ups and downs and tears and smiles, and just awesomeness. So here it is.

"Seeya next year" jokes. A customer thought he'd be funny, by saying "Seeya next year" as he left the store. Honorable mention... tomorrow, without fail, my little sister (or my dad) will use the "I haven't showered since last year" line. =D

Moleskine Planner, actually any planners, shiny and new and empty, until tomorrow (except if you're my planner, it hasn't been empty since I bought it back in October)

Learning how to fold t-shirts. Check it out, it's only a 38 second Youtube video, and it's in Japanese, but it will change the way you fold clothes forever!

Twenty10 anticipation. Movies, Music, Concerts, just awesome things that will happen during the next year. Will I get to meet Ianto Jones (Torchwood)? Will Muse come back to Perth to perform a solo tour (because I missed out of Big Day Out tix)? Will I lose one hundred milllion kilos? Who knows, that's what makes it so awesome!

It's Not the End of the World But I Can See It from Here by Lostprophets. Ian Watkins is seriously channeling The Mighty Boosh in the first verse.

CUPCAKES... I badly want and need the plummer to come and connect up our new oven. We haven't had a working Oven in months, I'm seriously having cupcake withdrawls. All I want to do it bake pretty yummy things. (That probably isn't a Thing I Love Thursday.... but I need everyone to know what hardships I'm going through)

Star Trek (the original series) OMG awesomeness (I actually found an episode I remember watching as a kid) YAY!

LEGO. My sister made me this.

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog. And I look forward to reading your blogs in TWENTY10.

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