31 January 2010

I survived Cabin Fever

I survived Cabin Fever. It wasn't even that scary, or even that gruesome. I spent all that time worrying about the way I'd react, and after it was finished I was like "oh is that it?" But I wasn't disappointed... well I was a little. You see I rented the DVD from work, and before I brought it home I'm cleaned it to get rid of the scratches... and it didn't work. And guess what scene was the only scene it jumped at??? the scene with ELI ROTH in it. I was so disappointed, he was the only reason I watched the movie in the first place and I missed the scene, GAH!
I loved the Making Of. Eli is awesome... and his dad's name is SHELDON. tehehe. AWESOME. It was a good movie. I gives it 3 ♥'s.

Can anyone send me a copy of Nylon Guys September 2009 with the Eli Roth and BJ Novak interview? I have the photos from the interview, but not the interview. I looked online and couldn't find it. I even checked [info]operation_kino , but still no luck :(

[info]rachkitty  gave me an idea. do you want to see what my current iPhone wallpaper is? you don't? well I don't care cos I'm posting it anyway.
iPhone Wallpaper
don't act so surprised. Of course it's a picture of Eli Roth. You all know me so well :P

and this is the reason why I want to be a photographer...
...too watch sexy men destroy stuff :D


29 January 2010

Cabin Fever

tonight is the night I watch CABIN FEVER. the DVD has been sitting in my room for almost 2 weeks, and I haven't been able to talk myself into watching it (damn stupid wuss) WELL TONIGHT I AM! Because I know if I don't watch it tonight I will probably never watch it =D

Question: What/Who the fuck is Jersey Shore? It seems to be everywhere.

OMG my nose is so itchy. It's been like this ALL DAY! It won't stop.... WAH!

Anyway I really just wanted to tell you I'm watching CABIN FEVER tonight, so if I don't you can make fun of me for being a wuss =D

28 January 2010

Things I Love Thursday

So the men (and women) at Apple have finally released information about the Apple Tablet... or the hilariously named iPad. I'm not sure if it's funny to people in North America, or if it's just because us Aussie have strange words for things, but when I hear the word Pad, I think of women's hygiene.
But anyway, it's here.... the only thing here (no new MacBook, and mot much else new) and it looks okay. First impressions to me was that it's just an ipod touch that is 4 times too big for my pocket, but after a couple of minutes talking about it with Nigel, it seems okay... not "going to drop everything and go get it" (not that I can because they're not due in Australia until ???????? (March/April for North America) but still, "possibly may get a 2nd gen one, one day... if I have the money" and talking about money.... kudos to Apple, estimates say $699 in Australia. I haven't complete made up my mind yet. Once my internet speed is back up, I can watch the videos and keynotes, and then make up my mind. But I was honestly hoping for a new MacBook Pro... but I guess Apple had everyone working on the iPad.... (you'd think they'd come up with a better name?)

Anyhoo, on to THINGS I LOVE THURSDAY (because I don't know if I love the iPad yet)

the INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS POSTERS I ordered on Sunday showed up today. I took them to get laminated after work, so now they're just sitting on my bed. The problem is, I have no more room for them on my walls, well not without moving my desk so I can get a ladder into my room. (which is what I'll need to do)

HOME-MADE PIZZA FOR DINNER. It's the first time in a very long time (5 months) that we have had a kitchen and a working oven, so tonight we are making home-made Pizza. yummo!

i found a store in Albany that sell different COOKIE CUTTERS. I didn't have any money to buy any today, but I'm going to go back and by heaps.

Wow... that's all I can think of today. Isn't that sad? No not really =D

27 January 2010


Feeling better. Still hate the government.
My little sister is excited because anime voice actors are going to be at Supanova.
Vic Mignogna, Travis Willingham and Laura Bailey... buggered if I know who they are, but my little sister is excited. All I know is, all 3 do voices in Fullmetal Alchemist.

I'm not a big anime watcher. I watch a few. Like Get Backers, Death Note and Trinity Blood. But not much more than that. My little sister on the other hand is obsessed.
I've met Christopher Sabat, he does a few voices in Dragonball, but that's it. He was really funny.

Dinner time.

I'm Moving Away!

Have you heard about this internet filter they are going to introduce? that will block out child porn and all the really bad stuff. well apparently it block out every site that sells games that are rated R (so bub-bye ebay and amazon and such) and it will also blocked SLASH! slash is a type of fanfiction. It's explicit but fun =D and it's usually written around 2 male characters. It's my guilty pleasure, don't judge me. BUT THEY ARE GOING TO BLOCK IT! and apparently they're going to start scanning EVERY SINGLE email sent and received in Australia. AUSTRALIA is going to turn into BIG BROTHER.

http://nocleanfeed.com/ <---- for more info
sign the petition http://petitions.tigweb.org/oznetcensorship

it really annoys me. I hope it doesn't happen. =(

The Hobbit

So The Hobbit has been pushed back until the end of 2012. Because of problems with money. It's always fucking money in Hollywood. It's not that they don't have enough to make it, it's that JRR Tolkiens' estate wants more. And there seems to be some problems with New Line Cinema too. I haven't looked to much into it, because it depresses me. I WANT THE HOBBIT NOW!
Does that mean the release of Lord Of The Ring Trilogy on Blu-Ray will be pushed back too? Who knows.

Here's the article I read.

26 January 2010

Inglourious Basterds

Have you seen Tarantino's new film yet?
It's his most successful, and I personally think one of his best.
Do you know what surprised me? Eli Roth. I knew he was a director of horror films that I'm too much of a baby to watch, and I didn't really think he'd do a very good job... BUT WOW! He was excellent.
So that did it... my transition from one Roth to another Roth. (TIM ROTH >>> ELI ROTH)

Even Brad Pitt (and I seriously can't stand Brad Pitt) was tolerable.

All I can say is I'm obsessed again.
I own it on Blu-Ray and ex-rental DVD
I ordered 2 posters from Australia
and just then ordered another (the one shown above) from England.
I have already decided where it's going to go.
Above my bed, so the Bear Jew can protect me from any Nazis that try and murder me in my sleep.

I'm obsessed with Eli Roth, but being a wuss, there aren't very many films I can watch.
I have rented Cabin Fever, but it just sits there staring at me.
I can't bring myself to put it in the DVD player.
I just don't do Horror. I don't know why.
I don't know if it's the gore (but I managed to watch the scalping scenes in Inglourious Basterds with no problem)
or maybe its the people jumping out at me...
I just don't know.


If you're not interested in watching Inglourious Basterds at least watch this awesome (except for the present of Miley Cyrus) YouTube video by electriceel1290 (00:50-00:58 contains ultra violence... it's the only bit in the movie that really made me cringe... just warning you)

yes the one with the bat is ELI ROTH
and again my apologizes for Miley Cyrus, but it just works so well =D

So that's it for today.
The next couple of weeks will be slow on posts because of my internet speed.
Should be up and running again 11 Feb (it's such a long long way away )'= )

Baking Is Fun

I made STAR TREK cookies.
Star Trek Cookies
My mum thinks I'm a geek.

21 January 2010

Did You Miss Me?

Hello Blogger, did you miss me????
Been away from my computer for the last couple of days because of the house renovations =D They're still renovating.... getting closer to being finished.... well this part of the reno's anyway.

So how's life? My life is boring and not very exciting. I just sit around most days. I really need to find something to do, maybe a TAFE class or something. I was considering going and doing Design Fundamentals, but I don't know now. It will take up valuable working hours... and I'm not overly creative. I actually have no IDEA what I want to do when I grow Up and I'm practically grown up =( I got the Lifestyle courses brochure in the mail, and I might do Painting For Beginners and Screen printing your own T-Shirt, which should be fun.

14 January 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Movie night with my friends Tahlia and Jen tomorrow night. SLUMBER PARTY. Yes we are in our early twenties... but who cares? My friend Tahlia is yet to see Star Trek, so Jen and I are going to make her watch it. Any other suggestion for movies are welcome, but they have to be on DVD.

500 posts on my Tumblr

TOMORROW will be 2 years since I started working at Blockbuster, and I finally got new work shirts... I've been wearing the same 2 shirts nearly everyday a week for the last 2 years... ewww gross! (they DO get washed between wears)

Going to try and get into Design at TAFE. I hope I do. But I also hope I get the job I applied for eariler this year. I haven't heard anything back because of the holidays, but I should hopefully hear back next week.

My sister is currently sitting her Driving test, to see if she can get her L plates and learn how to drive.

Zachary Levi in Alvin and The Chipmunks 2

Going to see The Lovely Bones next week, mainly because the trailer to Ironman 2 is before it.

Life in general at the moment. Secret things I can't say, but if they happen will make life that little bit better. =D

11 January 2010

Doctor Who Series 5

I think I will like Matt Smith. Obviously he's no David Tennant, but I'm definitely looking forward to Series 5. Not sure about the gun, but we'll see. I see the Daleks are back, what's Doctor Who without Daleks? And the stone angels from Blink. Should be awesome.

Found this... makes me sad ='(



District 9 & Sharlto Copley

I'm going to try and post to both blogs =D
With my iphone I can use BlogPress to post the same post to lots of different blogs. I've set up Blogger and LiveJournal. =D

So have you all seen District 9 yet?
I missed it when it was in the cinema, I wasn't too fussed, I was told it was made like a Documentary. So I didn't bother, but it's out on DVD (and BluRay) now, and O.M.F.G I'm so pissed that I missed it at the cinema. It's SOOOOOOOOO good. And only the first part is done like a documentary. I was reading an interview with Sharlto Copley (Wikus in District 9) and apparently there wasn't a script and all the lines were improvised =0 and you know what else, Sharlto isn't even an actor. He was actually the guy who helped Neill Blomkamp make the original short film that District 9 was based on, and as payment Neill let Sharlto star. I really hope it gets nominated for some awards when award season starts.

Sharlto Copley, star of District 9
Now Sharlto is going to be in the film remake of The A Team. I freaking loved The A Team, Murdock was my favourite, and Sharlto is playing Murdock. WOOHOO! The trailer looks good. (Sharlto is the one in the cap)

10 January 2010

maybe, possibly....

maybe, possibly making my LiveJournal blog numero uno. Someone I didn't want to see my blog has seen it. I knew they would eventually, but I didn't think this soon *cough* STALKER *cough* so I'm possibly packing up and moving my shit to LiveJournal, mainly because of the security. But they leaves my lovely followers with a problem. You need to be a member of LiveJournal to view my posts. =(
So I have some thinkings to do. Let me know your opinions. This might all blow over and I might stay =D

this is my LiveJournal blog, the one I'd be moving too, maybe.  

EDIT - I'm going to post to both. so don't stress!

07 January 2010


The End of Time has really rattled me. I know it's weird, but it's true. Why did David Tennant leave? I really should be reading interviews to figure it out. It's not like when Nine left. At least Chris was in movies that I could watch, but there is hardly any movies with David Tennant (that I can get a hold off) :( I WANT MORE David Tennant. I'm sure you don't want to listen to me ramble.

Guess what? I'm going exploring tomorrow. On new years eve when I was walking up to watch the fireworks I saw a bush lot. There was a sign saying it was a park. I've driven past but never realized it was there, so I'm going to explore :)

Remember my Tim Roth obsession? Hehehe well I have a new one, I still love Tim Roth, but now I have a slight obsession with "non-family guy" Seth Macfarlane. It's very specific, not Family Guy I seriously can't stand Family Guy. OMG geek alert, Seth Macfarlane is in an episode of Star Trek Enterprise. Hehehehe geekgasm.

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Things I Love Thursday

OMG it's Thursday again. When you're working the week goes fast. This post will include spoilers for Doctor Who The End of Time, so if you haven't seen it, and want too, I suggest you don't read it. Only one thing I love at the moment. I'm still feeling sad and depressed about the ending of Doctor Who, except for one thing....

"His name is Alonso"

I don't know how that's a spoiler. hmmm.... anyhoo

06 January 2010

Mini Emotional Breakdown

Just watched Doctor Who The End of Time. All I can say is WAH!! That is all. Will blog later when I'm not an emotional wreck. Matt Smith IS NOT David Tennant :(

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05 January 2010

100 things i love

  1. 3D Glasses
  2. accents
  3. Angels
  4. anime & manga(yaoi)
  5. Apple Products
  6. Astronomy
  7. bands from Finland & Europe
  8. batman
  9. Billy Talent
  10. black eyeliner
  11. Boba Fett
  12. Brian Froud
  13. button badges
  14. cats
  15. charm bracelets
  16. Coloured Markers
  17. comic books
  18. Concert Tickets
  19. converses
  20. Cookbooks
  21. Crayons
  22. criminal minds
  23. cupcakes
  24. David Bowie
  25. Death Note
  26. Doctor Who (Nine & Ten)
  27. DVDs
  28. Fable 2
  29. Fast Internet
  30. final fantasy
  31. Fingerless Gloves
  32. finland
  33. friends
  34. frilly underwear
  35. geekery
  36. Girlfriend Magazine
  37. gossip girl
  38. Guillermo Del Toro
  39. guitar hero
  40. heartagrams
  41. HIM
  42. Ian Watkins
  43. IKEA
  44. Interior Decoration books
  45. invader zim
  46. iPhone
  47. iPods
  48. Jackson rathbone
  49. Jared leto
  50. Karl urban
  51. Lego
  52. Lonely Planet guide books
  53. Lord of the Rings
  54. moleskine journals
  55. movies & television
  56. MUSE
  57. Neil gaiman
  58. nighttime
  59. Nintendo
  60. Nokia
  61. Nylon Magazine
  62. Octopus Plush
  63. odd socks
  64. online shopping
  65. Oversized Handbags
  66. pepsi max
  67. perfume
  68. Pez
  69. plushies
  70. polyvore
  71. Pretty Blogs
  72. pretty things
  74. reading
  75. red dwarf
  76. science fiction
  77. Seth MacFarlane
  78. sharpies
  79. slash(fanfiction)
  80. socks
  81. Star Trek
  82. stargate
  83. taking photos
  84. tattoos
  85. the it crowd
  86. The King Of Kong (DVD)
  87. the labyrinth
  88. the mighty boosh
  89. The Sims 3
  90. The Umbilical Brothers
  91. The Umbrella Academy
  92. tim burton films & books
  93. Tim Roth
  94. trapper hats
  95. Vera Wang Princess Perfume
  96. voodoo dolls
  97. Watchman
  98. watermelon lollipops
  99. xbox 360
  100. yoshi

04 January 2010

just a short introduction 2.0

If you haven't noticed, I've deleted the 2 most recent posts. Mainly because they were both stupid and worthless =D So now a real post. On January 1st it was the 2 year anniversary of this blog. It's had many different faces, it started out as Cupcakes & Mustangs and then early last year it was Eclectic Geekery, and now the more vague and elusive title of The Importance Of Getting Lost. I don't know if I'm the only one that changes her blog title (and URL) so often, (It will probably change even more in the future) Does anyone else change theirs?

My first post was an introduction, it is pretty much what I'm like now, but with a couple of changes (like age =P) I've decided to re-introduce myself to all my new followers who probably haven't gone back in the achieve that far =D

Howdy, I'm Melissa. I'm 23 and live in Western Australia. I still live at home with my parents, but that's because it's too expensive to move out, especially if I don't have anyone to share with because I'm sad and only have online friends =D I drive a Honda Jazz. He's purple and named Stanley (<-- he even has his own blog label) I used to dress like an Emo, but I've never been overly Emo. I actually think I'm more Emo now, even though I no longer dress Emo =D I'm a GEEK. 138% Geek. Mostly film/tv and music geek, but it's more a mixture of everything. I work at Blockbuster, have done for almost 2 years. I'm the girl you need if you need to know what "that movie was called staring that guy who was in that other movie with that other guy" is. I usually get it, even if I haven't seen the movie. I don't know how I hold all this information about movies and tv without my brain exploding, but I do. I don't get addicted to things, but I do become obsessed. Most recent obsessions include, Billy Talent (band), Tim Roth (actor), The Sims 3 and so on.... If you go back over my blogs you can usually figure out who I'm obsessed with for that week.
My Favourite Actor is Karl Urban, hence the fact he has his own label too. I've met him. He was awesome and smelt very nice =D
My favourite bands are: Muse, Him, Billy Talent, The Used, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The Rasmus, 30 Seconds to Mars.... the list goes on and one. I suggest (if you're interested) check out my Last.FM, because it's pretty much running 24/7.
I could go on for days about the stuff I love, but one thing that everyone knows about me, is I have a short attention span. So about now, I'm starting to get bored of writing. So I'm going to post some photos =D