07 January 2010


The End of Time has really rattled me. I know it's weird, but it's true. Why did David Tennant leave? I really should be reading interviews to figure it out. It's not like when Nine left. At least Chris was in movies that I could watch, but there is hardly any movies with David Tennant (that I can get a hold off) :( I WANT MORE David Tennant. I'm sure you don't want to listen to me ramble.

Guess what? I'm going exploring tomorrow. On new years eve when I was walking up to watch the fireworks I saw a bush lot. There was a sign saying it was a park. I've driven past but never realized it was there, so I'm going to explore :)

Remember my Tim Roth obsession? Hehehe well I have a new one, I still love Tim Roth, but now I have a slight obsession with "non-family guy" Seth Macfarlane. It's very specific, not Family Guy I seriously can't stand Family Guy. OMG geek alert, Seth Macfarlane is in an episode of Star Trek Enterprise. Hehehehe geekgasm.

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