11 January 2010

District 9 & Sharlto Copley

I'm going to try and post to both blogs =D
With my iphone I can use BlogPress to post the same post to lots of different blogs. I've set up Blogger and LiveJournal. =D

So have you all seen District 9 yet?
I missed it when it was in the cinema, I wasn't too fussed, I was told it was made like a Documentary. So I didn't bother, but it's out on DVD (and BluRay) now, and O.M.F.G I'm so pissed that I missed it at the cinema. It's SOOOOOOOOO good. And only the first part is done like a documentary. I was reading an interview with Sharlto Copley (Wikus in District 9) and apparently there wasn't a script and all the lines were improvised =0 and you know what else, Sharlto isn't even an actor. He was actually the guy who helped Neill Blomkamp make the original short film that District 9 was based on, and as payment Neill let Sharlto star. I really hope it gets nominated for some awards when award season starts.

Sharlto Copley, star of District 9
Now Sharlto is going to be in the film remake of The A Team. I freaking loved The A Team, Murdock was my favourite, and Sharlto is playing Murdock. WOOHOO! The trailer looks good. (Sharlto is the one in the cap)

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