31 January 2010

I survived Cabin Fever

I survived Cabin Fever. It wasn't even that scary, or even that gruesome. I spent all that time worrying about the way I'd react, and after it was finished I was like "oh is that it?" But I wasn't disappointed... well I was a little. You see I rented the DVD from work, and before I brought it home I'm cleaned it to get rid of the scratches... and it didn't work. And guess what scene was the only scene it jumped at??? the scene with ELI ROTH in it. I was so disappointed, he was the only reason I watched the movie in the first place and I missed the scene, GAH!
I loved the Making Of. Eli is awesome... and his dad's name is SHELDON. tehehe. AWESOME. It was a good movie. I gives it 3 ♥'s.

Can anyone send me a copy of Nylon Guys September 2009 with the Eli Roth and BJ Novak interview? I have the photos from the interview, but not the interview. I looked online and couldn't find it. I even checked [info]operation_kino , but still no luck :(

[info]rachkitty  gave me an idea. do you want to see what my current iPhone wallpaper is? you don't? well I don't care cos I'm posting it anyway.
iPhone Wallpaper
don't act so surprised. Of course it's a picture of Eli Roth. You all know me so well :P

and this is the reason why I want to be a photographer...
...too watch sexy men destroy stuff :D


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