26 January 2010

Inglourious Basterds

Have you seen Tarantino's new film yet?
It's his most successful, and I personally think one of his best.
Do you know what surprised me? Eli Roth. I knew he was a director of horror films that I'm too much of a baby to watch, and I didn't really think he'd do a very good job... BUT WOW! He was excellent.
So that did it... my transition from one Roth to another Roth. (TIM ROTH >>> ELI ROTH)

Even Brad Pitt (and I seriously can't stand Brad Pitt) was tolerable.

All I can say is I'm obsessed again.
I own it on Blu-Ray and ex-rental DVD
I ordered 2 posters from Australia
and just then ordered another (the one shown above) from England.
I have already decided where it's going to go.
Above my bed, so the Bear Jew can protect me from any Nazis that try and murder me in my sleep.

I'm obsessed with Eli Roth, but being a wuss, there aren't very many films I can watch.
I have rented Cabin Fever, but it just sits there staring at me.
I can't bring myself to put it in the DVD player.
I just don't do Horror. I don't know why.
I don't know if it's the gore (but I managed to watch the scalping scenes in Inglourious Basterds with no problem)
or maybe its the people jumping out at me...
I just don't know.


If you're not interested in watching Inglourious Basterds at least watch this awesome (except for the present of Miley Cyrus) YouTube video by electriceel1290 (00:50-00:58 contains ultra violence... it's the only bit in the movie that really made me cringe... just warning you)

yes the one with the bat is ELI ROTH
and again my apologizes for Miley Cyrus, but it just works so well =D

So that's it for today.
The next couple of weeks will be slow on posts because of my internet speed.
Should be up and running again 11 Feb (it's such a long long way away )'= )

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