04 January 2010

just a short introduction 2.0

If you haven't noticed, I've deleted the 2 most recent posts. Mainly because they were both stupid and worthless =D So now a real post. On January 1st it was the 2 year anniversary of this blog. It's had many different faces, it started out as Cupcakes & Mustangs and then early last year it was Eclectic Geekery, and now the more vague and elusive title of The Importance Of Getting Lost. I don't know if I'm the only one that changes her blog title (and URL) so often, (It will probably change even more in the future) Does anyone else change theirs?

My first post was an introduction, it is pretty much what I'm like now, but with a couple of changes (like age =P) I've decided to re-introduce myself to all my new followers who probably haven't gone back in the achieve that far =D

Howdy, I'm Melissa. I'm 23 and live in Western Australia. I still live at home with my parents, but that's because it's too expensive to move out, especially if I don't have anyone to share with because I'm sad and only have online friends =D I drive a Honda Jazz. He's purple and named Stanley (<-- he even has his own blog label) I used to dress like an Emo, but I've never been overly Emo. I actually think I'm more Emo now, even though I no longer dress Emo =D I'm a GEEK. 138% Geek. Mostly film/tv and music geek, but it's more a mixture of everything. I work at Blockbuster, have done for almost 2 years. I'm the girl you need if you need to know what "that movie was called staring that guy who was in that other movie with that other guy" is. I usually get it, even if I haven't seen the movie. I don't know how I hold all this information about movies and tv without my brain exploding, but I do. I don't get addicted to things, but I do become obsessed. Most recent obsessions include, Billy Talent (band), Tim Roth (actor), The Sims 3 and so on.... If you go back over my blogs you can usually figure out who I'm obsessed with for that week.
My Favourite Actor is Karl Urban, hence the fact he has his own label too. I've met him. He was awesome and smelt very nice =D
My favourite bands are: Muse, Him, Billy Talent, The Used, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The Rasmus, 30 Seconds to Mars.... the list goes on and one. I suggest (if you're interested) check out my Last.FM, because it's pretty much running 24/7.
I could go on for days about the stuff I love, but one thing that everyone knows about me, is I have a short attention span. So about now, I'm starting to get bored of writing. So I'm going to post some photos =D

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  1. i want to facebook friend you (: up to you tho haha.. my FB email is i_love_azza185@htomail.com feel free to add me if you ike :D