10 January 2010

maybe, possibly....

maybe, possibly making my LiveJournal blog numero uno. Someone I didn't want to see my blog has seen it. I knew they would eventually, but I didn't think this soon *cough* STALKER *cough* so I'm possibly packing up and moving my shit to LiveJournal, mainly because of the security. But they leaves my lovely followers with a problem. You need to be a member of LiveJournal to view my posts. =(
So I have some thinkings to do. Let me know your opinions. This might all blow over and I might stay =D

this is my LiveJournal blog, the one I'd be moving too, maybe.  

EDIT - I'm going to post to both. so don't stress!


  1. if you do move you will have to let us know how to read your blog and stuff :)

  2. if its someone from your past that you dont want to read your blog, forget them. their opinions shouldn't even matter, and you should just post normally. I really dont want you to move because Im not with LiveJournal and I LOVE reading your blog! *sadface*