14 January 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Movie night with my friends Tahlia and Jen tomorrow night. SLUMBER PARTY. Yes we are in our early twenties... but who cares? My friend Tahlia is yet to see Star Trek, so Jen and I are going to make her watch it. Any other suggestion for movies are welcome, but they have to be on DVD.

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TOMORROW will be 2 years since I started working at Blockbuster, and I finally got new work shirts... I've been wearing the same 2 shirts nearly everyday a week for the last 2 years... ewww gross! (they DO get washed between wears)

Going to try and get into Design at TAFE. I hope I do. But I also hope I get the job I applied for eariler this year. I haven't heard anything back because of the holidays, but I should hopefully hear back next week.

My sister is currently sitting her Driving test, to see if she can get her L plates and learn how to drive.

Zachary Levi in Alvin and The Chipmunks 2

Going to see The Lovely Bones next week, mainly because the trailer to Ironman 2 is before it.

Life in general at the moment. Secret things I can't say, but if they happen will make life that little bit better. =D

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