28 January 2010

Things I Love Thursday

So the men (and women) at Apple have finally released information about the Apple Tablet... or the hilariously named iPad. I'm not sure if it's funny to people in North America, or if it's just because us Aussie have strange words for things, but when I hear the word Pad, I think of women's hygiene.
But anyway, it's here.... the only thing here (no new MacBook, and mot much else new) and it looks okay. First impressions to me was that it's just an ipod touch that is 4 times too big for my pocket, but after a couple of minutes talking about it with Nigel, it seems okay... not "going to drop everything and go get it" (not that I can because they're not due in Australia until ???????? (March/April for North America) but still, "possibly may get a 2nd gen one, one day... if I have the money" and talking about money.... kudos to Apple, estimates say $699 in Australia. I haven't complete made up my mind yet. Once my internet speed is back up, I can watch the videos and keynotes, and then make up my mind. But I was honestly hoping for a new MacBook Pro... but I guess Apple had everyone working on the iPad.... (you'd think they'd come up with a better name?)

Anyhoo, on to THINGS I LOVE THURSDAY (because I don't know if I love the iPad yet)

the INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS POSTERS I ordered on Sunday showed up today. I took them to get laminated after work, so now they're just sitting on my bed. The problem is, I have no more room for them on my walls, well not without moving my desk so I can get a ladder into my room. (which is what I'll need to do)

HOME-MADE PIZZA FOR DINNER. It's the first time in a very long time (5 months) that we have had a kitchen and a working oven, so tonight we are making home-made Pizza. yummo!

i found a store in Albany that sell different COOKIE CUTTERS. I didn't have any money to buy any today, but I'm going to go back and by heaps.

Wow... that's all I can think of today. Isn't that sad? No not really =D

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