02 February 2010

2010... So Far...

Idea stolen from Jordie

Listening… random playlist, including Muse, Flogging Molly, David Bowie, 30 Seconds To Mars, Billy Talent, The Rasmus, The Used, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, HIM and Simon and Garfunkel
Reading… Nothing =( I just can't seem to find a book I want to read. Only finished one book so far this year.
Watching… lots and lots of Movies.
Buying… Nothing. Saving up for Soundwave. But I have purchased, an Eli Roth Inglourious Basterds poster and some books, that are currently in the mail. =D
Wanting… Soundwave to be a perfect day. Perfect weather, not overly crowded and no stress (which includes not running into THEM)
Trying… to stay positive and lose weight.
Loving… Eli Roth =D
Planning… maybe producing a zine. Because I'm bored and it seems like a good idea
Writing… not much, just blogs. Trying my hand at fanfiction, but failing
Cooking… lots. Banana muffins, cupcakes, Star Trek cookies
Inspired by… Music. Pretty blogs. We Heart It


  1. If you're in a reading rut, maybe try a new genre? I'm mostly into non-fiction and classic lit, but I picked up some modern fiction and it was def a nice change.

  2. eli roth is drool worthy! do you mind if i add you to facebook loverrrr?