16 February 2010


sorry about the complete and utter lack of blogging. if it's any consolation I haven't been posting on my livejournal blog either. mostly just reblog on Tumblr and an occasional Tweet.

My time has been spent, mostly writing (in a real notebook with a real pen) and watching movies. As well as collecting hundreds.... or maybe even thousands of photos of Mr. Eli Roth. Yep that's right, still obsessed.... which has let on to another obsession.... Quentin Tarantino movies. I watched Death Proof for the first time a couple nights ago, and it was freaking AWESOME. I don't know how the man can be just so damn awesome. And the women he cast, not stick skinny, they are real women, with slighty flabby butts and tummys, and there legs jiggle (if only a little) but still. Quentin's women are REAL!
I also managed to get my hands on a copy of the Inglourious Basterds screenplay (wasn't that hard, because Quentin publishes all his screenplays) and it's awesome because there are scenes in the screenplay that aren't in the movie. So now I have to find some time to watch the Blu-Ray version and see if those scenes where actually made.

What else? oh. Screamworks: Love In Theory and Practice. FREAKING AWESOME! HIM have really outdone themself this time. and in less than 2 weeks time I will be in Perth watching them LIVE (again, already seen them once in 2008) But I can't freaking wait! I'm also excited about being in Perth. There are a couple of things I need that are just too hard to get down here.... like perfume @ MYERS! yay! hoping to get a bottle of Vera Wang Glam Princess to go with the other 2 I have (Vera Wang Princess and Rock Princess) I buy perfume for the pretty bottles and then the smell. =D I might buy some men's cologne too... for myself, because I love the smell. What's the one with Ewan Macgregor???? That one is awesome! I want it. I imagine that's what Ewan smells like... anyway enough fangirling =D

IN JUNE my best friend and I are going on a super geeky awesome trip! first SUPANOVA in Perth, than we fly to Melbourne for a week for the Tim Burton exhibition and just to explore. I've been to Melbourne once and loved it so much I can't wait to get back. my friend Tahlia has never been, so it's going to be awesome to have her there. I need to lose some weight before we go. after Soundwave I'm going to knuckle down and do it. Because Soundwave was the reason I was motivated last year.

Anyway, how was that for a recap? I know i'm awesome.

and i'll leave you with one sentence that reduced me to tears last night.
"I'm not as Random as you think I salad"

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