04 February 2010

Simon Pegg, Family Meetings and Darth Maul

I've started watching Spaced.
How did I manage to avoid it for so long?
It's freaking awesome!
Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright are geniuses.

Serious Awesomeness.
And Quentin Tarantino audio commentary!!!!! How awesome is that?

I'm trying to re-organise my life again. Like last year when I had it set. Everything went right, everyone was happy and then BOOM! but that's life. I hate having my life in shambles. Currently my room is being used as storage while the house is renovated, and I believe it's seriously affecting me. I don't know where everything is, I'm sick of people waltzing into my room when ever they feel like. HAVE YOU HEARD OF KNOCKING???? even if my door is open! I think I need to call a family meeting!

I watched Couples Retreat a couple of days ago. It was an okay movie.
The best part?
Peter Serafinowicz
by far... the best thing about the whole movie. His deep (and I mean deep) voice... and the Guitar Hero battle. EPIC WIN!
2 words.... DARTH MAUL! a couple of months ago, when I learnt that Ray Park was not the voice of Darth Maul, only the body, I was pissed, but I found out that Peter Serafinowicz is the voice of Darth Maul... it makes sense! I have absolutly nothing against Ray Parks voice, but it's just not Darth Maul... Peter on the other hand.... *SWOON*
He's part of the "Simon Pegg, IT Crowd, Black Books" group.

Peter as Sctanley (yes, that's the correct spelling) in Couples Retreat.

anyhoo. that's pretty much it for today =D

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  1. Spaced is such a great show. Edgar Wright, the director of the show and Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz has a very cool website that you should check out if you haven't already.