27 February 2010





Escape The Fate


Tomorrow we head to Perth. Soundwave is on Monday and I'm excited. And nervous =D But only because it's the first time I've ever driven to Perth by myself and I'm worried about running into people I don't want to see =P
I'm excited about seeing the above bands, but not that excited about the heat. I stress far too much when it comes to stuff like this. I just need to relax and go with the flow.
Do you know what I love about Soundwave? other than seeing heaps of amazing bands. Getting into bed afterwards, with all the awesome memories, and knowing that it's over and I don't need to stress anymore. I know thats kinda silly. But it's true, and I'm trying to be truthful with myself and others.
I'm looking forward to going to IKEA.
I know it's overpriced and doesn't last long, I just love it.
Swedish Meatballs! YUMMO!
I'm freaking out about getting home after Soundwave, because fucking Transperth isn't putting on any extra trains.
Dammit, I'm freaking out again.
Bedtime now anyway.
Wish us luck.

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