07 March 2010

Alice In Wonderland

Went and saw Alice And Wonderland on Friday night. It was amazing, the only think I'd change is I would a beat the heads in of the girls sitting behind us BEFORE the movie started =D OMG let me tell you about these girls. Before the movie they were talking very loudly about rude things, like blow-jobs and sex. THERE WERE FUCKING KIDS IN THE CINEMA AND THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT THIS SHIT! Then when the movie started, they started their own audio commentary. I usually enjoy audio commentary but not when it consisted of "she's so ugly" "why is her head so big?" "eww her lips are so big" "why is johnny talking with a scottish accent, that's gross" SERIOUSLY! I was ready to serve life in prison for murder. GAH!

Okay so other than that, it was an excellent movie. So excellent in fact, that I am here to announce my next "obsession"


Don't judge me. I admit he is not the best looking person in the world, and he's really really really really creepy, but hey. =D You may recognise him. He played "Creepy Thin Man" in both Charlies Angels movies, and is almost George McFly in the first Back To The Future. He also played the Knave Of Hearts in Alice In  Wonderland, and other than Johnny Depps performance, he was the best. So creepy and sleazy, and evil. AMAZING!

If you haven't seen Alice In Wonderland yet, go see it. Unfortunately I was unable to see it in 3D, but if you get the chance, check it out in 3D.

Now for the spoilers. STOP READING IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT!
Hamish - Alices' fiance (as such) hahahaha and his digestion problems
Alices' Dad played by Marton Csokas (only in it for a couple of minutes, but he was in Lord Of The Rings, and anyone that was in Lord Of The Rings is worthy of my LOVE)
Stayne the Knave of Hearts. Of course =D
The Mad Hatter. and the "adult" jokes =D and his weird schizophrenic Scottish personality.
The March Hare. "Spoon"
How do I make my cat have blue stripes like the Cheshire Cat.
The ending, when Alice says NO to her fiance, and tells everyone she wants to live her life, her way and goes off to China =D
The Knave trying to kill himself at the end, so that he wouldn't have to spend eternity in exile with The Red Queen.

The doormouse. kinda annoying
Tweedledee and Tweedledum reminded me too much of Little Britain characters.
The White Queen. too floaty, and her makeup was really dark.

BUT overall it was EXCELLENT!

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  1. I HATED THE WHITE QUEENS MAKEUP!! shes meant to be the white queen lol.. also annoyed by the doormouse.. and the tweedles reminded me of Vicky off of little britain (the pink chick)

    I also thought hamish was hilarious (the facial expressions) and that the knave was a spunk!

    Mad hatter was incredible.. and ditto at SPOON ive been annoying boy by randomly saying that all day today lol..

    oou and Alan Rickman voicing the caterpillar *ear orgasm* :)