09 March 2010

And The Academy Doesn't Go To.....

James Cameron and Avatar. FUCK YEAH!
So before you get all defensive. I fucking loved Avatar, he did an excellent job. It was truly breath-taking. But it has received enough recognition. It doesn't need Best Picture. There were 9 other films that desrved it more. Plus it was nice for James to get beaten by his ex-wife Katherine Bigelow. I haven't seen HURT LOCKER, and I would of probably never watched it, because I'm not a very big fan of "real-life" war movies. But I will probably see it now (whenever it's released in Australia)

Christoph Waltz winning Best Supporting Actor, for his role in Inglourious Basterds (even if it was the only award that Inglourious Basterds won)
His acceptance speech was so humble. Thanking Hollywood for his wonderful welcome. What a career. Established actor in Germany, unknown in the rest of the world, then a strange man named Quentin Tarantino casts him in a war movie that changes history. Now Christoph Waltz is hot property, Golden Globe, SAG Award, Academy Award winner CHRISTOPH WALTZ! it's like a fairytale.

Also. Star Trek won ONE! Hell Yeah!


  1. The Hurt Locker is out now in Aus! Interesting to note that before it won all of those awards Hoyts were playing it ONCE a day at 3.30pm, now it is a different story. Stupid movie politics.

    I totally agree with you, James doesn't need any more Oscars.


  2. i also agree that Avatar doesn't need anymore publicity or recognition.. srsly who hasnt heard of it? lol

    Also havent seen Hurt Locker.. probbaly wont.. lol but yay for female power!!