18 March 2010


Listening… AFI, HIM, Paramore, Adam Lambert, Muse
Reading… Snoop by Sam Gosling
Watching… Big Bang Theory. Tomorrow I hope my season 4 Criminal Minds shows up!
Buying… DVDs, and paying bills
Wanting… awesomeness for everyone I love
Trying… to lose weight and be happy.
Loving… roast chicken, sheldon cooper, almond picnic bars
Planning… melbourne trip in June
Writing… my blog(s)
Cooking… roast chicken
Inspired by… my blog buddies


  1. i shall marry jim parsons.
    just sayin.

    oh! did you the episode with the LOTR ring? sooo funny... "I pity the foo who's illogical!"
    i just about peed my pants :)


  2. Yes I saw it, only recently. It was funnier than the Stan lee ep. I love them all, even penny doesn't annoy me as much anymore. :)