29 March 2010


ME (thanks to Jordie for finding, she found it from someone else)
♥ I skimp when buying: Underwear, 5 pack from Coles for $12 is completely adequate
♥ I splurge when buying: Shoes (6 pairs of $80 converses)
♥ I always break this fashion rule: something about "Blue and Green should never be seen" Every time I wear blue and green (and that's a lot) my mum always breaks out that little rhyme. Oh and odd socks... I love wearing odd socks
♥ I never break this fashion rule: Runners with anything... obviously except gym gear.
♥ Must have item for Spring 2010: I want a pair of black Doc Martens and a (real) Leather Jacket. Also a vintage brown messenger bag too (I was outbid)
♥ Favorite store: non-fashion - Angus and Robertson or any bookstore. fashion - Diva
♥ Favorite item of clothing: Band Tees & Converses
♥ Favorite stylish movie: Pirates of the Caribbean, Marie Antoinette, Repo! The Genetic Opera
♥ Guilty pleasure: Girlfriend Magazine, Nintendo DS, Perfume
♥ Describe your personal style: pretty much what ever I can buy that will fit =( but if I had a style it would be a mixture between Rock, Punk, Geek and what ever movie I'm obsessing with (ie @ the moment that would be Pirate fashion)
♥ I feel best wearing: Band Tee, Jeans and Converses
♥ Most overrated item: Heels... Like seriously people... I don't get it.
♥ Most underrated item: Simple tees.
♥ When I was in high school I wore: a uniform (thank god, I don't think I would of been able to compete if I had free-dress everyday, I practically wear the same thing everyday)
♥ Shine your own shoes? nope, I don't own shoes that need shining. I simply chuck em in the washing machine =D
♥ I always dress my best for: Me.... and Comfort.

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  1. I just skip the whole blue/green thing and wear turquoise or teal. But yeah, as long as the shades don't clash, there's nothing wrong with blue and green together!