30 March 2010

iPad talk

So... Here it goes. You can completely ignore this post if you want, it's really just me trying to talk myself into (or out of) purchasing an iPad.

No word of Australian prices yet. But American prices are:

Wi-Fi only model
16GB - 499
32GB - 599
64GB - 699

Wi-Fi & 3G model
16GB - 629
32GB - 729
64GB - 829

I made an assumption that the prices could possibly go up by minimum of $70 each. And then if I choose the 3G model I will have to worry about data. And that will be the big deciding factor between whether I buy a Wi-Fi only model or a 3G model.

the big thing is, an eBook reader. I was so close to purchasing an eBook just before the iPad was announced, and was told to wait and see what Apple announced. Not only does the iPad offer full colour, but it also has a pretty awesome looking app call iBook and even it's own eBook store... or iBookstore
also.... 4 words.... FULL COLOUR COMIC BOOKS!

 and I just found this. Tokyopop might be joining the iBookstore.... MANGA on my iPad!!!!

Okay calm down Melissa. RELAX!

So there are already lots of apps available. Awesome ones, and I know there will be many more.

Other uses:
  • Movies, when I'm away from home. I can't watch movies on my iPhone because the screen is too small.
  • Blogging when away from home.
  • Sitting in bed and typing.
  • Viewing photos. the iPad supports RAW formatted photos, which is awesome. As well as offering a camera connector, so when I go away, and fill up my camera's SD card I can transfer all the photos onto my iPad and then have an empty SD card again.
  • It's small and light and will fit in my bag.

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