27 March 2010

A Little About Me - Books

I like the idea of owning books. I read, but not much, I read enough to be considered well-read. I know about books. I own many, but unfortunately most are half read, or worse, un-read.
My book collection is much like my DVD collection. I follow certain authors, but I also like some real random books. I'm not afraid to read non-fiction books about travel and culture, I have lots of film tie-in books, and lots of books based on movies and tv series. I love "non-fiction" fairy books, especially by Brian Froud. I also have my far share of movie companion and film, tv and comic book encyclopedias. As well as my biggest collection, 17 different books about The Lord of the Rings (I'm missing 2) plus the manga, but that's a whole different story.

Favourite authors: Neil Gaiman... Technically he's the only author I really follow religiously.

And for your information. I have read Twilight, just the first book, and it was rather unexciting.

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  1. I love books. I've always had the 'book pile' of to-read books that is constantly shifting but never gone. I can't even go into a bookstore without getting something.

    I love non-fiction, especially on history, but since I spend all day at school reading what is essentially slightly more dry and academic non-fiction, it's so hard to come home and crack open the same thing. I try and force myself to read fiction during the school year.