31 March 2010

Today, in my world.

I thought I'd post another "more-personal" post. They seem to get more comments, and since I'm a little bit (okay I lie, I'm a big fat) Comment Whore.... here you go =P

Was planning on going for a bike ride today, for the first time in more than 5 years, but alas, the weather is crap and well my bike looks a little "old" and "rusty" So I put that on the back burner for now.
My internet has been shaped, which means that I can practically only view one website at a time. Which is really annoying. I won't have the internet back up to speed until the 11th April.

Tomorrow the tickets for the Tim Burton exhibition in Melbourne go on sale. I'm so excited, and now that the accommodation and flights have been paid, I feel very relaxed about the whole trip. Tahlia and I have been looking for pubs and clubs to check out while we're there and we're found one called Robot. Tahlia is extra excited because on Tuesday nights they show anime =D
I did some searching and found an article about the Tim Burton Exhibition in New York. It has pictures.... This is what Tahlia and I will be seeing. Jealous, much??? I'm hoping that they will sell Tim Burton merch, in particular The Art Of Tim Burton book, and the limited edition Tim Burton Moleskine journal. I want both, and will pay anything for them.

Took my cat, Cous Cous to the vet yesterday to get a strange large lump on the back of his neck checked out. And lets just say, it's not there anymore. He was booked in again this morning and it was removed. The vet didn't know what it was, so it was best to remove it. It ended up being a benign skin tumour. But now, poor Cous Cous is all drowsy and sore. His stitches come out in 12 days, and until them, he's stuck inside (not that it bothers him, he sleeps 21 hours a day) I was going to take photos, but who wants to see a photo of stitches??? Not me =D

Anyway, that was pretty much it. I watched The Invention of Lying, it was funny, and sad, not the best movie ever, but it was good.

Good Night

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