29 April 2010

I did it!

37 minutes on Wii Fit Plus = 287 calories burnt!
Do you know the best thing about exercising at home?
I can wear tights.... as pants =P
I believe it's something you can wear in the comfort of your own home...
... but NOT in public!

I feel better now. Less doubtful.
That workout burnt the block of chocolate to oblivion.
I don't know why I never thought about it before =D

I got a lovely comment from Sarah on my last blog.
She left it without any links so I don't know who she is.
But thank you.
I know that buying new things is a rush.
I'm a shopaholic =D
and a geek.
And usually technology is the most expensive.
If I didn't spend my whole life overweight
I seriously think I would of spent thousands and thousands of dollars on fashion
I love fashion. But luckily for me
I can't fit in it.
Lucky and Unlucky I guess.

Did anyone else notice all the new items on the toolbar and the new add image options?
they were there yesterday
but they're gone today.
Am I seeing things?

I like typing is short sentences
and half sentences.
I only do it, because I like reading blogs this way
they seem easier to read.
and it looks like poetry.
maybe i could make it rhyme
not that I have the time
maybe i'll have some coke with lime
and think about things that are mine

I'm a retard.
I wish I had someone here to bounce off.
that's kinda one of the reasons
i kinda miss my "ex-cousins"
we could bounce off each other all day
with silly sayings and stories.
but she ruined it.

maybe a silly limerick
hello my name is pete
i'm standing in the street
gimme your cash
nice and fash (haha fast!)
or i'll kick you in the teeth.

the next one goes.
Hello my name is lee
a man in mugging me
come real quick
and bring ya stick
come on he's getting free.

or something like that.
I heard them somewhere.
some irish/scottish/welsh comedian.

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