26 April 2010


Listening… A playlist full of all the songs I love. But mostly 30 Seconds To Mars (gotta learn the lyrics by July) and the Glee soundtrack =D
Reading… Alice In The Country Of Hearts volume 1, a very strange manga loosely based on Alice In Wonderland, full of lots of beautiful boys (of course it's manga... what do you expect) also about to start White Tiger by Kylie Chan (I have read it before, but there are new books in the series, so I'm going to refresh before I read the new ones)
Watching… Doctor Who. Matt Smith = LOVE. I don't even remember David Tennant anymore =D. I have the next couple of episodes, but I love sitting down on Sunday nights with my family and watching it together (plus we can watch it in HD) and Masterchef. I have a girl crush on Gary, George and Matt :)
Buying… Nothing (well trying) until May 10 (2 weeks) and then I get to pre-order my iPad.
Wanting… an iPad, Doc Martens, more money and Matt Smith (or Karl Urban... or both... I'm not greedy)
Trying… to help my GORGEOUS friends to pimp their blogs =D
Loving… (gorgeous) Internet friends, Logan Miller, Matt Smith, that I have a ticket to see 30 Seconds To Mars in July, 2 weeks until iPad pre-order, 9 weeks and I'll be in Melbourne (at the Tim Burton Exhibition)
Planning… Melbourne Trip. I love planning

Writing… Not much, just scribbles in my Moleskine, lists, lists, and more lists... that sort of thing
Inspired by… New Layouts, Star (Scorpius is in the sky again), Old Magazine, Brightly coloured nail polish, Vera Wang Princess perfume (I have 3 different types now, Princess, Flower Princess and Rock Princess) need to get Glam Princess.

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