03 April 2010

Daleks, Routines & The A Team

It's Talk Like A Dalek Day. But how does one talk like a Dalek? I know the whole 'EXTERMINATE' but other than that, it's just lack of emotion and roboty sounding. (I'm not a very good Doctor Who fangirl am i?) But with that. The new episode of the NEW series of Doctor Who will be shown on iView (Australian viewers) at midnight on April 16, whats even more exciting is that in the same announcement it says that it's being shown 2 days prior to it's premier on ABC! Hell Yeah! April 18. The new series of Doctor Who will start on ABC. I wonder if it will be a weekly thing, or if it's a one off. I'm so excited. I'm actually looking forward to Matt Smith's portrayal of the Doctor, with his big nose and huge forehead. =D

Was suppose to go shopping today with Mum, but I have a headache (and I secretly don't want to go into town because of all the people) I have work tonight, which I'm completely over. I'm feeling stuck, not just with work, but with everything. I do the same things everyday, and the onset of winter (even though it's my favourite season) doesn't help. I guess it was favourite season because I could sleep in, and snuggle in the blankets at night, but I don't want to sleep in. I want to get up early and stop wasting my day. It's constantly "tomorrow I'll get up early", "on Monday I'll go to the Gym" and I do, but by Tuesday I'm in bed until 11 and forget about the Gym. GRRRR. Apparently it takes 30 days to get into a new routine. And that's my goal. get into a routine, out of bed before 9am, and in bed before 11pm. No more staying up after 1am watching movies that I've seen a million times already. I think reading in bed is okay, because it actually helps me get to sleep.

Talking about reading. I've started re-reading The Hitch-hikers guide to the Galaxy. But I've decided to skip the first book and go straight to The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe. I can't believe I forgot how funny and completely awesome they were.

And talking about completely awesome. on April 1st the second trailer for The A Team was released. and OMG. I can't wait to see it.

The only reason I'm seeing it is... Sharlto Copley. Think about it. The first film he ever acted in was District 9. He's in 90% of the movie. He had never acted before that. That movie was nominated for BEST PICTURE at the Academy Awards, that says a lot about his acting abilities. And now he's Murdock in The A Team, and I can't wait. I know The A Team has always been this silly, retro TV series, but it was always awesome, and Murdock has always been my favourite. He's fucking crazy.

In other news. WHAT THE FUCK has YouTube done? Changing the layout of the site, it's so confusing. It took me 20 minutes to find the embedding code. I hate it when websites fix things that don't need fixing *cough* facebook *cough*

Feeling a little better now. A couple of panadol and my headache is going away, which is good. I still have a couple of hours before I have to go to work, but I might turn my computer off and watch a movie.


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    The Facebook ones I get pissed at, then figure them out just in time for them to change it again. Youtube's new design is just confusing.