16 April 2010

Exciting News and Other Awesome Stuff

First off, I'm getting an iPad. Thanks for all the advise and stuff, but I have decided, that they're awesome, and do exactly what I need them to do. I don't want a laptop, because I'm not a laptop person, so and iPad is the prefect thing for the job, it's portable (check), small (check), an ebook reader (check), internet browser (check), blog reader and writer (check), comic book reader (check) and any other of the millions of apps out there (double check) I'm decided that in the future, when my current PC dies, I will purchase an iMac instead =D

Exciting news!
30 Seconds To Mars is coming to Perth. OMG I'm actually going to get to see JARED LETO onstage. It's in July and I've already ordered my tix. I'm so excited. That will be another band to cross off the list =D They were suppose to be the very first band I would of seen, but pulled out of the Australian Taste Of Chaos lineup, which now I'm kind of glad of, because their new album is AMAZING! I can't wait!

I also bought a floral sundress yesterday, I actually ordered it online. It was $29 marked down from $89. I can't wait to wear it, may even wear it in public, which is a big thing, because I haven't worn a dress/skirt since year 7 (I don't even know how long ago that was).

Death At A Funeral (American Remake) Trailer

James Marsden is awesome, of course Zoe will be awesome. This movie actually looks like it might be worth a watch, even if I already know how it's going to end. I was going to boycott it, because I'm so over American (no offense f-list) remaking non-American movies/tv shows etc. But it actually looks like a laugh.

tried my hand at Geocaching yesterday, it's when you have GPS coordinates and you have to find it, and there is usually a logbook where you sign and stuff. But I failed. I couldn't find it anywhere. I was in the right location, I just couldn't find the container with the logbook. I'll try again later. There are heaps around Albany. I have an iPhone app that helps heaps. It's quite fun and you're exercising too, because most of them involve some walking.

That's it for today. I'm making Pumpkin Soup for dinner. YUM!

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  1. ooou pumpkin soup!! i could do with some of that tonight my throat is KILLING me!!!

    Glad you have made your decision & that the decision has left you with an iPad and future macbook :)

    I've never really listened to 30secs to mars,, but Jared Leto is HOT.. lucky you getting to see him in the flesh :)

    & the geocahing thing sounds good.. whats the link for it? could you facebook it to me?