29 April 2010


last night i went to bed and laid there for about an hour, feeling doubtful.
I never really understand the emotions that I feel, but I know for sure that last night I felt doubtful.
Doubtful about a couple of things. like getting an iPad. I know I want it, but I know I probably don't need it. And I'm afraid I'll buy it, and then not have enough money to go away with. Mum has offered to give me some money, but I don't like taking money from her. I know she doesn't mind, she gave my sister money to go away with, but I know that her new job involved a paycut and that we're trying to renovate. I don't like to take money from her. I already owe her $15,000 for my car (probably more than that actually) and I'm useless at saving =(
After finally getting to sleep, every time I rolled over (which is a lot, because I'm quite a restless sleeper) I was in pain, because my back is being evil. 2 weeks ago it was my ankle, than my knee, and now it's moved up and is my right side. It's manageable. I think it's muscle pain, because I did go for a walk that involved climbing rocks etc =D (it was fun, but I'm kinda regretting it) I'm staying active, and it's getting better. The fact that I spend long periods of time in front of my computer probably doesn't help either.
I was naughty yesterday and ate a WHOLE block of chocolate =( I think I'm going to give up sweets again. Last time I did it, I managed to lose 1.2kg in a week with minimal change to exercise etc. I know I need to exercise. Maybe I might steal MY Wii back off my sister and doing some wii fit. Actually not maybe. I will! Right now!
No more blogging/internet until I've done 30 minutes =D
Then tonight I'm going to watch The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. We got a copy on DVD early (the perks of working at Blockbuster) I'm really excited, because it looks amazing. And I have to finish my review on Frankie #35.