29 April 2010


last night i went to bed and laid there for about an hour, feeling doubtful.
I never really understand the emotions that I feel, but I know for sure that last night I felt doubtful.
Doubtful about a couple of things. like getting an iPad. I know I want it, but I know I probably don't need it. And I'm afraid I'll buy it, and then not have enough money to go away with. Mum has offered to give me some money, but I don't like taking money from her. I know she doesn't mind, she gave my sister money to go away with, but I know that her new job involved a paycut and that we're trying to renovate. I don't like to take money from her. I already owe her $15,000 for my car (probably more than that actually) and I'm useless at saving =(
After finally getting to sleep, every time I rolled over (which is a lot, because I'm quite a restless sleeper) I was in pain, because my back is being evil. 2 weeks ago it was my ankle, than my knee, and now it's moved up and is my right side. It's manageable. I think it's muscle pain, because I did go for a walk that involved climbing rocks etc =D (it was fun, but I'm kinda regretting it) I'm staying active, and it's getting better. The fact that I spend long periods of time in front of my computer probably doesn't help either.
I was naughty yesterday and ate a WHOLE block of chocolate =( I think I'm going to give up sweets again. Last time I did it, I managed to lose 1.2kg in a week with minimal change to exercise etc. I know I need to exercise. Maybe I might steal MY Wii back off my sister and doing some wii fit. Actually not maybe. I will! Right now!
No more blogging/internet until I've done 30 minutes =D
Then tonight I'm going to watch The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. We got a copy on DVD early (the perks of working at Blockbuster) I'm really excited, because it looks amazing. And I have to finish my review on Frankie #35.


  1. perhaps you buy unnecessary items because you're not happy with your life and you are chasing that good feeling you get when you buy something new. But that always fades, and so does your bank account. I used to be this way until i realised that i had nothing of substance in my life, and its a really difficult habit to get out of. But the most important factor i found in saving money was determining if i wanted or needed a item, and 99% of the time i only wanted it. Being impulsive in any aspect of ones life is never going to work out (eating, spending money, making general decisions)I find the results of delayed gratification are more satisfying then having that block of chocolate or having the newest technology because you will be healthier and more financially secure for the future.

  2. instead of ditching sweets altoghether i found if you buy those little snack cadbury bags & have 1 as a treat after an awesome workout then u dnt crave it as much or go for fruit when u want something sweet might help :)

  3. Maybe you could put off buying your Ipad until after you come back from your trip.

  4. thanks Sarah.

    Emma - the problems I have with those snack bags, if well... they don't last long. =D

    I am seriously thinking that. i'll just have to ipadnap Nigels =D I've got my pros and cons list happening =D

  5. Good luck Ipadnapping Nigels. I was working out the budget (ick) and we can't afford one straight away either. Had heaps of bills and Amaya needed to go to the dentist and we had to buy Avatar on blu-ray (absolute bliss!!) So he is going to have to wait. Unless he buys it for me for Mothers day! hehe

  6. you "had" to buy Avatar =D tehehe. It was very pretty, even my dad sat though the WHOLE movies =D we did start it at 4.30 in the afternoon =D
    I'll try and talk him into buying you one for Mothers Day =D