28 April 2010

guess what I just found out???

I've spent most of the day sitting at my computer, waiting for comments on my blog/status updates/whatever, and really what a waste. Last night I read a quote from Angus Sampson (which was in Frankie) that said:
"Time flies when you waste it"
and it's true. 5 minutes ago it was 1pm, now it's 3.30pm =(
I find myself constantly waiting for something.... comments, pre-order dates, trips, concerts. I don't really live in the here and now, I'm always looking for something to look forward too. And that's how I live.

10 May - iPad pre-order date
late May - iPad release date
26 June - Supanova
27 June - Fly to Melboure
30 June - Fly to Perth
24 July - 30 Seconds To Mars concert

then what? after that I haven nothing. I'm being smart and decided not to go to Japan with my friends in October (mainly because I can't afford it, because unlike them, I only have a casual job, not cushy government jobs, and mainly because I can't really see myself in Japan at the moment. Fine I'd love to go, but I just don't feel it. I want my first overseas adventure to be an English speaking country.... maybe New Zealand... I can see myself in New Zealand =D)

I'm thinking of planning an EPIC 24th birthday party for myself. The reason I do it for myself is, if I don't, it won't happen. I need an awesome theme, I can't have a mad hatter tea party, because that's the theme for my little sisters birthday party. So I need ideas. Mum wants me to have a Disco party, but I've really never been interested in Disco. Maybe an Epic 80s Rockers Party. Come dressed as your favourite 80s Rocker. Or a Cosplay party.... I don't really know. But everyone is invited =D

OMG! Movies from the 80s party!!!!! I was born in the 80s!!! OMFG! Jon Cryer was Ducky in Pretty In Pink! Are you serious??? I was in love with Ducky!
OMFG, I think that's a plan! Kidnap Jon Cryer (save him from the shit that is Two And A Half Men) and make him come to my EPIC birthday party in November! OMG Ducky!!! PS NO ONE! and I MEAN NO ONE, is to go as any character from The Labyrinth!!!!!!!! =P

Start planning your costumes! I know I am... once I decide who (from all the wonderful characters that came from 80s movies) to go as!