28 April 2010

guess what I just found out???

I've spent most of the day sitting at my computer, waiting for comments on my blog/status updates/whatever, and really what a waste. Last night I read a quote from Angus Sampson (which was in Frankie) that said:
"Time flies when you waste it"
and it's true. 5 minutes ago it was 1pm, now it's 3.30pm =(
I find myself constantly waiting for something.... comments, pre-order dates, trips, concerts. I don't really live in the here and now, I'm always looking for something to look forward too. And that's how I live.

10 May - iPad pre-order date
late May - iPad release date
26 June - Supanova
27 June - Fly to Melboure
30 June - Fly to Perth
24 July - 30 Seconds To Mars concert

then what? after that I haven nothing. I'm being smart and decided not to go to Japan with my friends in October (mainly because I can't afford it, because unlike them, I only have a casual job, not cushy government jobs, and mainly because I can't really see myself in Japan at the moment. Fine I'd love to go, but I just don't feel it. I want my first overseas adventure to be an English speaking country.... maybe New Zealand... I can see myself in New Zealand =D)

I'm thinking of planning an EPIC 24th birthday party for myself. The reason I do it for myself is, if I don't, it won't happen. I need an awesome theme, I can't have a mad hatter tea party, because that's the theme for my little sisters birthday party. So I need ideas. Mum wants me to have a Disco party, but I've really never been interested in Disco. Maybe an Epic 80s Rockers Party. Come dressed as your favourite 80s Rocker. Or a Cosplay party.... I don't really know. But everyone is invited =D

OMG! Movies from the 80s party!!!!! I was born in the 80s!!! OMFG! Jon Cryer was Ducky in Pretty In Pink! Are you serious??? I was in love with Ducky!
OMFG, I think that's a plan! Kidnap Jon Cryer (save him from the shit that is Two And A Half Men) and make him come to my EPIC birthday party in November! OMG Ducky!!! PS NO ONE! and I MEAN NO ONE, is to go as any character from The Labyrinth!!!!!!!! =P

Start planning your costumes! I know I am... once I decide who (from all the wonderful characters that came from 80s movies) to go as!


  1. Sorry i really don't comment enough!!!

    :) but yay your looking forward to list is pretty epic.. hmm if we're good enough buddy buddies by Nov i may try to trek it down to albany town JUUUST so i can dress up as an 80s character =D

  2. COSPLAYYYYYY! and why isn't anyone allowed to go as someone/something from The Labyrinth? I got sad because I thought you meant Pan's Labyrinth, but nooo.. I assume you mean the David Bowie movie? haha

  3. David Bowie is god!!!! I think everyone I know would go as a character from The Labyrinth, so I'm saying no one can, so we don't get a whole lot of Jareths and Sarahs at my party =D Both you and Emma are invited, if we're still buddies in November (which of course we will be) I'll actually have lots of people coming from Perth.... if the party actually ends up happening =D