09 April 2010

Happy Birthday Logan

Logan Miller - Christmas 2009

It's my cousins 1st birthday today. I can't believe it's been a whole year. How awesome.
I made him a teddy. It's red and fluffy. I hope he likes it.

No other news. I found out it's the first time I've had Friday off since January 15.
I'm having second thoughts about getting an iPad. All everyone is saying is that they're shit and don't even work. BLAH BLAH BLAH! 20% of people with iPad are having problems... the other 80% are not. Still a little bit pissed that there is no Australian release date yet.

Went into town. Spent money, but none on me. My sister "Borrowed" $15 to buy a pair of jeans, and then I bought them lunch.

I'm feeling BLAH. I need to go something to make me feel better. I tried shopping, that failed, because I don't really want to spend money. I might organise my room and go though my wardrobe. I HATE CLOTHES! but only because I can't wear the clothes I want too because of my weight. I need to get to Size 20, because Jeanswest have jeans up to size 20. I'm a size 24/26. So I have some work to do. I just can't seem to get myself motivated, which is really annoying. =( Motivation is the hardest part about losing weight. This time last year I was walking EVERY DAY, and now.... nothing =( I need to get back into it.

Sorry about the slightly emo post =( Feeling kinda emo today =)

PS also Happy Birthday Gerard Way

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  1. awww look at his beautiful blue eyes! he is absolutely gorgeous :) happy first birthday little mans :) and its saddening to hear you are having such an emo-ish day, i hope you make the best of your night off and it turns around :)