07 April 2010

I Got Caught Singing In My Car

Yep that's right. I bought the Glee soundtrack (both of them actually) and was singing Don't Stop Believin very loudly when we pulled up to a 2 lane roundabout, and well my window was down and the man (who may I say was HOT!!!!!!) in the other car had his passenger window down, I turned to look and he was watching me, sing like an idiot, and laughed, and waved, I waved back and cracked up and drove away =D He was hot, in a man in a business shirt and tie, clean shaven neat hair sort of way, he would of been in his late 20s early 30s. He has a nice smile. I just hope he doesn't decide he wants to rent DVDs and comes to Blockbuster and recognize me. SHAME!

I have a new TV, well it's actually my sisters TV, but it's too big for her room, so we traded, my TV is smaller. But in order for me to have ROOM for her TV, I had to rearrange my book shelves, which took a lot longer than I thought it would. Here's the result:

It's going to be strange. I usually sit close to the TV, now I'll have to sit a little bit back. =D My room is a mess at the moment, but I can finally get around to cleaning it, because all of Alex's stuff is out. Next up, Dad is going to fix my wall and then I'm getting a built in wardrobe.


Today I started my bag modification. I got the bottle of bleach out and used a spoon to drip bleach randomly over my bag. When I was satisfied I waited about an hour and then washed it out. It was weird because there was no colour change after an hour, Dad said to hang it in the washing line and wait, but nothing happened. I'm kinda retarded and never used bleach before so I didn't really know what to do and neither did Dad. When Mum came home from work I asked her and she said it should of changed after an hour, so I went and got the bleach out.... then realised.... it wasn't bleach, it was disinfectant ={ what a retard. I should of read the label first! hahahaha serves me right. =D so Mum and Dad have gone shopping and I've asked them to get bleach, so hopefully this time it will work. =D

I have the early shift tomorrow morning. I hate getting up early, but I like when at 1pm my work day is finished. I'm going to go for a walk tomorrow. I don't know where, I'm just going to go exploring. I'm going to try my hand at Geocaching. =D


  1. We've all been caught singing to a soundtrack at some point, best thing to do is smile and move along quickly - hihi! And good luck with the bag alterations, second time's a charm :)

  2. Ahaha I try and get people to sing along with me when I'm caught singing with the windows down.