06 April 2010

I Love Lists

Didn't do much today.
Got up around 11am and had to be at work by 1pm so I only had 2 hours to shower, have "breakfast" and get ready, I know it may seem like a long time, but it really isn't.
Work was crazy. We had the new movies come in, so those had to be done.
Then got home at 5.30 to see that my little sister finally has carpet and has moved into her room. She's in there now stacking shelves and filling drawers (trying to get me to help)
I've joined a new LiveJournal community, to try and get some inspiration of the creative kind. [info]embodiment  is a community to display all your beautiful journals (real ones, non-online one) It's full of some very beautiful journals and I'm hoping it will inspire me to create my own.

I've started a list of things to look up once the internet is back to full speed. Are you interested??? No... well who cares =P
  • [info]ourbedrooms 
  • Shawn Records
  • new A-Team Trailer 1080P
  • Thomas Sabo pirate charms
  • ANZ credit card
I'm a little bit of a crazy person when it comes to writing lists. I LOVE THEM! I'm completely list crazy, I've already started my packing list for my Melbourne trip and the trip isn't until JUNE. But I'm excited. Super Duper EXCITED. I have lists for everything. I actually have a notebook, whose sole purpose is for me to write lists. Silly things like, names for pets I don't have, and actors I like, and songs to download etc.
This is one of my personality traits that makes me a NERD. ={

I'm excited, because I found my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet last night. I had lost it, and couldn't find it, but it was in the bottom of a bag that I had packed away. I didn't realise I had 4 charms. I thought I only had 2, I forgot. I have a "M" a cross, a cat women mask and a razor blade. I'm thinking of putting a couple of different ones on lay by, because the bracelet looks kinda bare at the moment, the problem is the charms are pretty expensive, and I'm kinda saving up for an iPad. I really shouldn't spend money =D

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