30 April 2010

I promise this is the last post for today...

... not getting an iPad
not getting a MacBook
Going to try and live with what I have.
Then go on a HUGE spending spree when I go to Melbourne.
I'm feeling very BLAH today.
I think it's because I have work tonight
I had 3 days off and now I'm back to work
I pretty much did shit-all for the whole 3 days
and i'm kinda regretting it a little.
but that's just me.

I wonder if I can get away with wearing my track pants to work tonight.
My work pants are faded and falling apart
my trackies are new.
Doesn't really matter, it's just one of the random things whooshing about my brain at the moment.

I'm going to write
on my wrist
to remind me
not to panic =)
one day
it will be a tattoo.


  1. what are you trying not to panic about? that sucks you arent feeling very good today (which you mentioned in your meme post) just slap on a smile and get into work and it will hopefully go quickly haha i sound too happy and pushy.. do you mainly work weekends? that is what i do and i dont like it very much at the moment haha

  2. It's not really about panic. It's more a motto to make me feel better. It's from my favourite books The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. It's more like Dont Worry :)
    my work schedule is different every fortnight, I don't have work this Saturday but I'm working all next weekend. It's better now I used to have mostly nights but now we have new workers who can only work nights so I get more shifts during the day. :)
    I survived work. It was good I got to work with people that I like , which is a plus :)