26 April 2010

i wonder if i can get him to turn into the HULK

2 weeks until I can pre-order an iPad. And guess what? I've thought of a name.

Lost 700grams this week. taking the total loss to 1.9kg in 2 weeks.
I was surprised when I stepped on the scales and I had lost weight, because I was expecting to put weight on.

Been a busy weekend for me. Work Work Work. Even got called in early so I had to work an 8 and a half hour shift, on my feet, with no breaks (but I did disappear for about 5 minutes after another senior showed up) and sat out the back and ate a chocolate bar =D Tonight is my last shift for this roster, and then I have 3 days off. YAY! I can't wait.

Tomorrow Avatar is out on DVD. I have promised my mum (and my bank account) that I wouldn't buy it, and I seriously think in a couple of month it will be half the price anyway. I have locked my credit card away. because slowly and slowly I'm eating away at the money I have to buy Barnaby (and go to Melbourne) After I have paid for Barnaby (and finished paying mum) HALF of my fortnightly pay is going to be put on my credit card so I can go to Melbourne. (which is only 5 paydays away =O)

I ordered Dr Horribles Sing Along Blog off ebay, so I can get Felicia Day to sign it at Supanova, but I think she will be the only one I'll see. (Other than the anime voice actors I have to see because of my friends) There is no-one exciting this year (Melbourne and Brisbane got all the good ones this year.... DAMN YOU!!!) I might poke Lou Ferringo and see if I can get him to turn into the HULK!


  1. yay you're going to supanova this year =D im cosplaying as mario.. (: seems easy enough lol.. better then tryna dress as a lycra clad anime girl lol & next year im going as a pink power ranger.. oh yerr im awesome lol .. and yay on the name barnaby! ilikey it muchly

  2. OMG Mario, that's awesome. I don't really cosplay. I'm more there to look at the cosplayers =D Last year was awesome. I got to meet Karl Urban =D There are some many excellent cosplayers, I'd only look shit next to them all. but maybe one day =D