11 April 2010

Logan's Party

Logan's party was awesome. Logan and Sarah loved the teddy I made. =D

So guess what? We found another Tiger Snake in our backyard. Mum is doing the "I told you so" thing. I wonder if there is anymore. Cous Cous found it. He was in the garden freaked, like I've never seen him before. I threw a rock into the garden and Cous Cous bolted. Then we dad came home we asked him to check the garden and he found it. I really hope there is no more. I'm kinda freaked now. We've never ever had any snakes in our yard, now 2 in a week.

I got a copy of the new Doctor Who episode with Matt Smith. Everyone thinks Matt Smith is amazing, but we'll see. I still can't see it.

I was searching online last night for iPad covers and came across some really awesome ones. They're handmade from vintage fabric. They're by Blytheking on Etsy. I really want one but they are quite expensive, but by looking at them, I don't think they're be that hard to make.

this one is my favourite:

it's $70USD with $27USD postage to Australia. Which is a lot for a iPad cover. But it's so pretty. I'm going to try and make my own. I searched patterns but couldn't find anything. I'm just going to go to an Op-Shop and find an old jacket with nice fabric and try and make my own. Since I'm being creative and all.

Ask me what I'm doing? I'm watching videos about the iPad on youtube, because MY INTERNET is back! YAY!

iPad unboxing and demo

Sketchbook Pro Demo


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