13 April 2010

Op Shopping is cheap and fulfils my shopaholic-ness =D

Went Op-Shopping (was inspired by Cupcake185)
Look what I got. Total price $27.75
Op Shop Finds 12.04.10
Brown Leather Briefcase = $4
Houndstooth Jacket (to be used as fabric) = $8
Purple Jacket (to be used as fabric) = $3.75
Gold Military Buttons (2 types) = $4
IKEA Wooden DVD Wall Racks = $8 for both

I did good.

I'm going to turn the jackets into something. Maybe my iPad cover, but I'm not sure, I got them because I liked the fabric. And the bag! OMG I've been searching for a bag like it for ages, even tried eBay, but keep losing =( now I found one, for $4!!!! It's not exactly what I wanted, but it's still awesome. Might also be useful for my iPad.

I also bought (don't judge me) New Moon on DVD. why? because I actually want to watch it, then after I can watch it I can re-gift it on to someone... hahaha, I could of just rented it, but I didn't, so there. So bring on the Twihate from my friends =P Only watching it for Jackson Rathbone and Michael Sheen!

And also for iron ons for my bag, which is starting to look pretty spiffy =D Photos soon.

I check Apple.com.au everyday and see the same thing, "iPad available late April" one day I'm going to check it and it's going to have a release date, prices and a pretty Pre-Order button =D


  1. op shops = love & loving that leather bag! and buttons! and ikea shelves! YOU must hav one kick ass opshop :O

    the coats are love :)

  2. it was actually 2 different shops, the Salvation Army and the Red Cross store. I was the youngest person in the shops =D