19 April 2010

Perfect Day

What a perfect start to the week. First I've lost 1.2kg since last week (go me)
Then my floral sundress showed up in the mail.
The builder is here doing the roof for our deck, one step closer to my boxing bag =D
3 weeks until I can finally hit the pretty little iPad pre-order button.
And I'm just having a good day.
Went to Priceline (Cosmetics, Perfume etc.) and spent $50 on marked products (without realizing) and got a free gift worth over $150. A black tote bag full of make up samples and full size product.
Even over my sugar cravings.

Watched this last night. It's so pretty and camp. I love the trees in the forest and I love Silas Barnaby the bad guy. What an awesome name, Silas Barnaby. I'm so calling my first son Barnaby. Hence why I downloaded "Put On Your Sunday Clothes" from the movie Hello Dolly. (the song is also the first song played in the Pixar movie Wall-E)

OMG I've just realised I've passed 700 posts to this blog. That's a lot of blogging =D Even after I went through and deleted heaps of posts about people I don't want in my life anymore. I've passed 700 posts in a little over 2 years.

The builder just caught me dancing to "You Make My Dreams" by Hall & Oates. *head desk* I seem to be doing that a lot. Getting caught dancing and singing by randoms. But I don't care. This is my house, and it was my car. I don't care!

Neil Patrick Harris is in Season 2 of Glee!

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  1. ouu that does sound like one heck of an awesome day!!! well done on the weight loss hun :D awesome effort!! i need to beat my strawberry milk cravings.. mmm pink milk.. nom nom nom..

    i just wanna give you a big ole internet hi-5 & say props for making me smile after a poopy day @ uni :D