18 April 2010

Pretty Picspam

howdy fellow bloggers and readers. I think it's pretty picspam time:
The (sometimes) wonderful world of Melissa is pretty good at the moment. I have so many awesome things to look forward too in the next couple of month. The iPad *cough* nerd *cough* (shut up I'm an Apple 'fanboy') my trip to Melbourne with my friend Tahlia (10 weeks until we fly out) and then the 30 Seconds To Mars concert (which funnily on my "ex-cousins" birthday. HAHAHAHA take that bitch =P) after that, not much, but I'm hoping to weigh less and be a smidgen happier. I've cut out desserts (ever noticed what desserts is spelt backwards.... STRESSED!) and I'm doing well so far.... no sugary treats since Wednesday. But I'm still eating the occasional take away. Chinese for dinner with Tahlia, Subway for Lunch and today, the worse of all, Hungry Jacks (now I feel bloated and ill). I'm still hoping that I've lost some weight this week, even if it's just a little bit. Exercise is still nonexistant at the moment.

The new Doctor Who is awesome. Matt Smith has really surprised me. He's actually quite good, maybe even (I can't believe I'm saying this) better than David Tennant (acting-wise). The first episode is on tonight (for Western Australia viewers (not sure about the rest of the country/world)) on ABC1 @ 7.30pm.

Anyway. That's it for this evening. Good night =D


  1. Great picutres! I love the teensy octopus - he's so cute!

    I need to get my ass to the gym too, but instead, I am reading awesome blogs.

  2. I love that ep of The Big Bang theory when they have to dress up! I would love a larger version of that pic if you have a link.

  3. I actually haven't seen that episode of Big Bang Theory yet. I'm going to have to find it somewhere, because it looks hilarious. The original is not much bigger but it's here http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l0ua175Ctj1qasfnpo1_400.jpg
    The gym is completely overrated at the moment. It's school holidays so it's practically full of ultra skinny teens that don't NEED to lose anymore weight. They take up everything, and when you finally get a machine that spend the whole time looking at you like you're some kind of overweight hippo. =D

  4. Thanks. If you can find the ep it is so funny I love that show so much. I totally didn't realise that Lennard was in Roseanne until I looked him up on imdb.com

    Oh the gym after work, is there any worse torture??