05 April 2010

An Eventful Day

So it all started at 5.54am (I know because I checked) when I was awoken by a cat fight. I've been awoken by cats fight before (my cat PC and a random neighbour cat always seem to fight) but this time it was a lot more violent. So picture this, me, in my pajamas walking around my backyard with a torch chasing cats away... and it was SOOOOOOOO cold! Anyway I grabbed PC (like usual) and carried him inside, I plonked him on the ground and he just sat there, which was really strange, usually he'd run off happily and scoff down whats left of dinner (if there even is any) he just sat there looking sad. I picked him up and he growled. I carried him into my room and sat him on my computer chair, closed the door and went back to bed. At 10am I woke up, and PC was still on my chair, which for him is really strange. He should of at least meowed to get out of my room to have breakfast, but he didn't I got up, walked over to him, and then I noticed it, BLOOD! On the front of his neck and his shoulder. OH NOES, my poor kitty. Dad says he'll be okay, I don't think he's eaten all day, he's just been sitting in the living room looking sorry for himself. We can't let him outside, because he'll go into hiding (because it's the sort of thing he does) Poor PC =(

So I went fishing with my parents and little sister Alex. I hate fishing so I took my book, a notebook, my iphone and my camera. We also have 2 kayaks, so while Mum and Alex were out fishing from the Kayaks, Dad and I went for a walk.... A BAD IDEA! I got fucking bitten by a Bull Ant, and it fucking hurt.... and still does, but the little bastard got what he deserved.... squished! So now my heal is a little swollen and really sore =(

But other than that, so it technically wasn't an eventful day, just 2 things =D

My mum said that she wants and iPad =) Going to convince her to get me one too =D I think I will get one. If you are a regular reader, you'll know how much I'll talk about it. But I'm thinking, just going for the Wi-Fi version, then I won't have to worry about any extra costs (and knowing Australia, Telstra will be the only one that will offer data packs for the 3G model, and I'm never ever ever, going back to them) All I want from Apple now, is a date, a price and a pretty little pre-order button. =D

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  1. Take him to the vet, it could be something serious like internal bleeding or an infection. :(