01 April 2010

So let me tell you about my day.

I planned to get up early, like 9am. I had the last 2 days off work, and decided, that since today was the beginning of a new month I'd try and get into a routine of getting up early and going to bed early. But it was soooooooo very very cold last night, and I was so toasty in my bed with my huge, heavy faux fur "polar bear" blanket, I just didn't want to get out of bed, so at 11am I finally rolled out of bed.
Half way through my shower, I remembered that the tickets for the Melbourne Tim Burton exhibition went on sale today, so I excitedly got out of the shower.... without washing the shampoo out of my hair (don't laugh I had a dumb person moment, but the funniest part of the story was half an hour later when dad came in, he gave me the weirdest look and laughed.... yet that's it, I didn't realise I hadn't washed my hair out.... DUH!) Anyhoo, I went online and directed myself to the website. The tickets were on sale, and they we ONLY $19 each! I was so excited, I had put aside $50, thinking that they'd be about that, but they were only $19. So I bought 2. They're pick up at the door, so I won't get them until we're in Melbourne. So guess what I'll be doing on Monday June 28????? =D

The rest of the day is kinda a bore, a bore, that I will from now on call, "work"
Something funny did happen. I had a young girl (like 15-17) ask me if we had a copy of "Paramore Activity" in, instead of "Paranormal Activity" I had to stop myself from laughing. I bet I can tell you one of her favourite bands.

I didn't get fooled. =( I was expecting it, but didn't which kinda made me sad =(

My cat still hates me, after taking him to the vet to get a lump on his back cut off. He'll be okay, he's just a bit sore. I asked my dad if he thinks that Cous Cous (the cat) realises what happened, but dad thinks not. I think he does. I think after the pain and soreness is gone, he'll realise something is different.

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