21 April 2010

Taking Out The Trash =D

I just un-followed a girl on Tumblr because all she talks about is being skinnier and how fat she is. This wasn't the reason I did it, The reason I did it is because she wrote that she weighed 52kg and she had to lose weight because she's too fat, and she doesn't understand how people can weigh more than that and be happy. I was so angry, fuming. I was going to give her a piece of my mind, but realised she's just some random I don't know, and I can simply delete her and forget. I don't need those sort of people in my life. I do not need anorexic people telling me that I must be a sad person because I'm so fat. GUESS WHAT? I'm happy, I'm sad, I laugh, I cry, and I'm NOT A MONSTER. =D
I also un-friended some people on facebook. Just some teenagers that I know, but don't really want to hear about how much she hates her friends, or her boyfriend (of 1 week) likes someone else. Facebook is a public place, everyone can read your arguments, but guess what I don't =D I LOVE TAKING OUT THE TRASH =P

Talking about Facebook. I started an Albany Roller Derby group on facebook. I'm really interested in setting up a team. I know it will be hard work, but I think if it ever happened it would be awesome. I don't know how successful it will be. But I can try =D

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  1. OMG ROLLER DERBY!!! I've been thinking about that alot lately also even tho A) i cant skate and b) im super unfit, it looks like awesome fun :D i decided that if i can get myself fit enough ill sign up to a team hehe..

    & my garbage collection date is getting near also, much trash that needs taking out :P