30 April 2010

Three Things About Me

I'm feeling a little down so I'm going to do a stupid meme thingy.
Stolen from Ethony

Three Names I Go By:
♥ Melissa
♥ Molly
♥ Lyssa

Three Jobs I’ve Had:
♥ Customer Service @ Blockbuster
♥ Customer Service @ Video Ezy
♥ Office Work

Three Places I’ve Lived:
♥ Albany, Western Australia (just Albany, no where else. Even lived in the same house since I was born)

Three Favourite Drinks:
♥ Pepsi Max
♥ Water
♥ Banana Milk

Three TV Shows I Watch (at the moment):
♥ Big Bang Theory (Sheldon is my God!)
♥ Masterchef (I have embarrassing crushes on Gary, George & Matt!)
♥ Doctor Who (Matt Smith > David Tennant... maybe?)

Three Movies You Can't Live Without:
♥ Star Trek (the new one with Karl Urban)
♥ The Labyrinth
♥ The Chronicle Of Riddick

Three Places I’ve Been:
♥ Perth, Western Australia (a hundred million times)
♥ Melbourne, Victoria (October 2009)
♥ Hobart, Tasmania (October 2009)

Three Places I’d Like To Go:
♥ London, UK
♥ New Zealand
♥ Rome, Italy

Three Favourite Old TV Shows:
♥ Star Trek (all series)
♥ Arthur (kids show, not really that old)
♥ Red Dwarf

Three Favourite Foods:
♥ Oriental Spring Rolls from Leonards Chicken
♥ Top Deck Chocolate
♥ Pizza

Three Make-Up Products I Can’t Live Without:
♥ Black Eyeliner (Rimmel)
♥ Sunscreen (recently found this amazing Moisturiser/Sunscreen, but it's $45!)
♥ Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment

Three Things I’m Looking Forward To:
♥ Melbourne Trip in June (Tim Burton Exhibition, Titanic Exhibition and Shoppings Galore)
♥ 30 Seconds To Mars concert (Perth, July 24th)
♥ My Epic "Movies of 1986" Birthday Party

Three People I have Tagged (your turn ladies)
♥ Emma
♥ Jordie
♥ Everyone Else

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