02 April 2010

Thunderstorms & Chicken on Good Friday

Today, well today. Considering it practically started at 2.30am when I was woken by the biggest clap of thunder I had heard is a very long time. I then spent the next 5 hours trying to get back to sleep, but the thunder was not helping one bit. What's worse, is I had work this morning. I had to be up at 7.30am to get ready for work, and the storm was still happening. Quick shower (because I'm paranoid about showering during a thunderstorm) and got ready for work. Because I only had about 3 hours sleep, my head was throbbing (it kinda still is now). I got to work late =( luckily I was opening so no one actually knows I was late except me (and who ever reads this) And then the craziness started. NON STOP until I left at 1pm. There was a 50% chance it would be super quiet, and a 50% chance it would be super busy, and thanks to the storm, it was super busy.

Then after work, I came home to a very grumpy dad. His shed flooded, and the water damaged $1000 worth of fabric and material (he's an upholsterer) and apparently it's not covered by insurance, I don't know for sure, because we're all too scared to talk to him, because he might yell at us. And mum is just being sad, because she asked if he wanted to talk about it and got growled at. The whole thing with dad being angry is kinda funny, because yesterday we were talking about letting of stream and dad said he doesn't let himself get upset, so he doesn't have to let off stream... I think he Jinxed himself.

I ate chicken today, it's Good Friday, and I think mum is disappointed with me. She's always asking me about what I believe in and god and such, and I'm kinda vague with my answers, because well I don't really know.... I'm Roman Catholic, but not a practicing Roman Catholic. someone once told me, you're either a practicing Catholic or not Catholic, there is no such thing as a non-practicing Catholic. I told them. I just don't know. And I did think the decision to eat meat of Good Friday through, I have eaten meat all through lent, including on Fridays. So why start now? and I don't understand (or remember) the significance of eating fish on Fridays in Lent.... and by the way, I don't even like seafood. So to me, not a big deal. Religion is tricky, it always has been. I don't really know, some people are lucky and know exactly where they stand in the universe, me on the other hand, don't. Evolution makes sense. But I'm sure there is something out there that created us the way we are, all the beauty, all the ugliness, or was it just an accident?

Do you celebrate Easter today? or on Easter Sunday? or Easter Monday?
We (my family) celebrate on Easter Sunday, that's when the "Easter Bunny" comes and hides the eggs in the garden, but wouldn't celebrating Easter Monday make more sense, since that's the day Jesus rose from the dead? Whatever.... I was just wondering.
Easter is the most confusing "holidays"

I've completed one of my "Things to do" for April. I have $250 in my savings account. Don't know how long it will stay there, but I'm going to try very hard not to spend it on shoes, or bags, or DVDs =D

Also just updated Movie List 2010. 98/100 so far. 2 more and I would of reached my goal. Probably should of uped it. Maybe I should change it to 100 new movies. So far I've watch 30 new movies. I think I need a life =D

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