14 April 2010

Top Gear & Mac Ads

Has anyone seen the Top Gear Bolivia Special? It was on last night, and I seriously don't think I've ever laughed that hard. It was hilarious. 3 middle aged English "gentlemen" in 4wd's bought off the internet driving from one side of Bolivia to the Pacific Ocean, pure genius!

still no news on the iPad in Australia. Considering giving up and buying a netbook. BLASPHEMY! =D I've never been a very patience person, if I see something I want, I usually want it then and there, so when something like this happens, I get annoyed and "antsy" but that's just because I'm strange. I'll survive. I'll just waste bandwidth by watching ipad videos on YouTube, or watched Mac ads =D The ads have Justin Long in them as "Mac" they're funny and clever =D makes me really want to buy a MacBook. GRRRRRR! Don't mind me, I'm just crazy.

It's hard to post everyday when my life really isn't that exciting. I should go out and do things, just so i'll have something to write about =D

anyhoo. Goodnight for tonight!

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